It’s All In The ToOls 


Makeup artists brush kit.

Applying makeup with brushes is a great way to get a precise look. One of the major mistakes women make in applying makeup is simply relying on the applicators given in eyeshadow and blush packages. Makeup from drug stores is notorious for coming with applicators that do not apply makeup well. Instead of relying on small foam applicators, a woman should invest in a set of makeup brushes. Makeup brushes allow a woman to feel like an artist when she applies makeup. Makeup brushes can also be found at any department store or drug store. You should look for deals on makeup sets from department stores that come with makeup brushes.

Stigma brushes are a awesome resource for brushes and you can find a link at our site  They offer great choices at reasonable prices.  So be the DIVA Artist that you are and don’t forget to invest in good quality brushes and you will get quality results.

Happy brushing,