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Okay so nude lips are diffently in and I was sent this article from one of my sources and thought you might enjoy the method that was used to create this look.  DivaGlam has some fantastic nude colors for you to use without having to go though these steps used here but it is a very interesting article.  Enjoy it, feel free to comment.


Quick Experiment: Creating nude lips using concealer & gloss

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One reader was asking me if nude lips can be created using a foundation/concealer followed by a lipgloss… and I thought that would make a rather fun and useful blog post. I tried on two conealer shades in this experiment, and I will explain everything along the way!

Step One: This is my natural lip color without any products.

First I used NYX Concealer in a Jar (Porcelene) which is frankly too pale for me as a concealer. As you can see, this color erases my lip color completely, too pale and ghastly for my liking. It also looks drying, especially on the lower lip.

Then, I applied MAC’s Underage lipglass over, for some definition and texture.

Still very pale, but I will show you the whole face to put things into perspective.

Then I tried another concealer, which is the peachy shades in the Ben Nye concealer wheel. These are darker in tone. Again, very drying on the lips. I don’t think the difference is very obvious in the pictures.

The verdict?? I think if you like really nude lips, you can certainly try this out! Kind of drying on the lips though, and also, I guess you can do this as a last resort, if you want to explore the whole pale/ nude lips thingy, but not sure if you want to pay for a nude lipstick at MAC or something, because we know it is hard to find a nice nude lipstick at drugstore price range – though I highly recommmend NYX round lipsticks for cheap alternatives.

That’s all, and happy holidays!

I am thinking my first entry for 2010 will be a product rave….and I guess you have a pretty good idea what that will be. 🙂

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Thu, 12/31/2009 – 3:12am

Nude lips are in and I know that you can find what you are looking for at DivaGlam Cosmetics, we have georgeous colors and excellent moisturizers for the lips to create that perfect nude look.

Hope you enjoyed the article,  blessings