Beauty is???????????? 

No matter what you wear or how much money you have to fix any flaws you think you have.  None of it is important if you do not get this one simple yet profound fact,  BEAUTY IS NOT OUTWARD, BEAUTY IS INWARD.

When I was young my grandmother use to tell me that “A good name is better to be chosen than all the money in the world”.  I really did not know what that meant until I got older and realized that of all the women that I admired and looked up to most of them were not rich in money but were very rich in what wisdom they had to impart into my life.

These women, my great aunts and grandmothers,

were very wise women who had gone through life and were strong women who held their families together through tough times and good times.  Who stayed with their husbands through the good and the bad, in sickness and in health.  These women sat me down and deposited into my life wisdom from life experiences that they had lived, not something they had read in a book or gotten from someone else, but real life.

It is because of these women, these BEAUTIFUL women that I am the woman that I am today.  I know that I would not be who I am if it had not been for these women departing themselves into me and the beauty that they had they shared with me.

I do that with my daughter, I followed their example to be what you are and say what you mean and stand for something or you will fall for anything and anyone.  Have a high standard for yourself that way you will not settle for a lower standard when it presents itself.

Remember, beauty is not bought in a store, or created under a plastic surgeons knife.  Beauty is cultivated from within.