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I came across this article about a particular cosmetics line and the information in it is very valuable for anyone to use.  Whether it is this line or DivaGlam, or any other line you want to use.
The thing about women is that we are very diversified when it comes to makeup and I know that, I myself have several items from several other lines that I enjoy and use as well as my own line.  So please don’t hesitate to try out different lines, what may work for this women and be good for her may not necessarily be good for you.  So do try other things, by all means if it works then use it.  Enjoy the article.
DivaGlam Cosmetics


Avant-garde or glamorous evening looks are created using more contrast in color tones. Colors chosen can contrast dramatically with each other or with personal coloring. At night, try highlights with shimmer and deep contour shadows. For a bold or playful look try using colors from both warm and cool families. One idea combines the golden Sunstone and Tigereye shades on the eyes with blue-based Garnet applied to the lips.


CONCEALER glides on with the flat side and tip of the concealer-face brush or sponge. Apply to discolored areas. Blend away edges.

FOUNDATION can be applied with the concealer-face brush in a stroking motion or use a sponge with a patting motion. Foundation should be applied from the center of the face to the perimeter. This provides coverage where needed and less chance of a “lollipop look” when the face and neck do not match.

BLUSH should look like “pinched cheeks” with color along the cheekbone. This is accomplished with the contour-blush brush in a motion lifting color from under the bone, onto the bone. Work the brush from the mid-ear toward the apple of the cheek. The apple of the cheek is the raised pad of flesh seen when you smile. This lifting style of blush application enhances bone structure by framing the cheekbones.

BRIGHTENER applied with the contour-blush brush adds a glow as desired on the forehead, chin or eyelids. The brightener can be brushed along cheekbones to blend blush application or to use instead of blusher altogether.

BRONZER can be used as a contour to define bone structure or create a sun-kissed glow to the entire face. Contour the cheekbone by applying bronzer with the contour-blush brush horizontally under the cheekbone from mid-ear to the area below the outer brow. Lift the brush upward to blend. Contour the jaw line with bronzer under the jaw-bone. Start behind the ear and work toward the chin. The nose is contoured downward along the sides from the inner brow to the tip of the nose. Be sure to squeeze the brush between the thumb and forefinger to keep the shading narrow along the sides of the nose. Dusting bronzer across nose, cheek-bones, chin and forehead perimeter and into the hairline creates a healthy glow. Note: Blending with foundation before applying can soften the effects of any shade.


EYELID BASE fully covers eyelid from lash to brow. Base works to block any natural darkness and provide a surface over which any other shadow will glide. Use both sides of eye shadow brush to apply in windshield wiper” strokes. (Crystal, Opal, Tigereye, Concealer*)

EYE HIGHLIGHT accents brow arch, but does not cover entire browbone. Apply with pointed tip of eye shadow brush pressing up into brow arch and blending in a one-inch wide arc. Too much light color on the browbone creates a detracting “awning effect.” Your eyes should be the true stars of your makeup.

EYELID COLOR covers the area from the lash line to the socket and brow bone. A bright, light shadow (brightener*) can be applied to lid above the iris to accent a deep-set eye. A deep, taupe shade (Geode) can make a large, prominent lid appear less so. Apply with the flat side of the eye shadow brush in a pressing motion across the area holding the point toward the lashes and the handle upward.

EYE CONTOUR defines bone structure. Apply with the tapered side of the eye shadow brush. Stroke on shadow from the outer eye inward along the brow bone to an area above the inner iris. Blend upward and outward so there are no visible lines.

EYE LINER can be defined or smudged but should always connect to the base of the lashes. Special looks can be created by varying color and technique at top and bottom lash lines, but liner color should not be brighter than eye color. A smudged line is created with the tapered side or tip of eye shadow brush. A defined line is created with shadow on the tip of the eyeliner brush. This brush can be used damp or dry. The eyeliner brush is most effective when held like a pencil with the handle pointing downward. The brush can then press “hyphens” of color up into top and bottom lash lines. Work liner from the outer eye inward, so liner never stops abruptly, but subtly. The more wet the brush, the more defined the effect and intense the color.

EYEBROW COLOR should frame and lift the eye with a groomed arch shape. Work color into the brow hairs or onto the skin with the eyeliner brush in a stroking motion. The color mixture should match or harmonize with hair color tone. (Geode or mixture)

DivaGlam Brush Set

Note: Remember to tap excess color off brushes first to avoid messy shadow and liner application. Never blow excess color off brushes. This may introduce bacteria into your brushes and shadows, causing eye infections. Any shadow that falls onto cheekbone is easily cleaned up using foundation on the concealer-foundation brush and gliding on under the eye and along the top of the cheekbone.

Brush Care: Shampoo Franché® quality brushes weekly in mild soap, rinsing thoroughly and squeezing out excess water Spray or dip into rubbing alcohol, squeeze to remove excess, and reshape. Dry flat on a towel. Alcohol speeds the drying process by displacing the water NEVER soak or immerse brushes in liquid, only moisten bristles to clean. Correct brush care lengthens brush life and assures a cleaner makeup application.

Note: Wash sponges daily with soap and water to keep long lasting products clean.

EYE TREAT is a light creamy concealer base and under eye treatment that has been infused with herbs. It should be applied sparingly under the eye and extended outward above the cheekbone. This helps plump delicate eye tissue and minimize the appearance of lines and dark circles. Use Eye Treat to blend and remoisturize under eye area any as needed. This base works best when used with Franché® concealer.

DivaGlam TransFix

BROW TAME as the name implies, controls brows to hold a groomed arch. If you have used Franché® pigments to design your brow shape, use Brow Tame to set the color.

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