Sacha Cosmetics 

I have been in the makeup business since 1984 and when I first started you had to mix colors of makeup to get the right color for certain skin colors.  Sometimes it worked sometimes it was just a little off.
Since that time I have researched and studied and applied and tried all types of cosmetics and all products that claimed to be for the color of women.  It was not until recent years that most major cosmetic companies decided  that our color range was worth investing in.

In 2004 I founded DivaGlam Cosmetics and began to use my own line to put on my models and women who wanted a product that looked natural on them.  Now a days there are so many companies that are trying to do the same thing.  I have found only a few that really cater to the color of women and today I am going to talk about one of them.  Sacha Cosmetics, was founded and formulated with the color of women in mind.  It is a yellow based product and that works for most skin coloring. 

The color ranges from very light to very dark and it works for all colors in between.   To see their full line please visit their website at, I am sure you will find a shade to fit your needs.
If discoloration is a problem their camoflage makeup with cover and stay on all day and look natural so no one will be able to tell where the problems are.

Well that is all I have to say about Sacha Cosmetics today, please feel free to go visit their site and holla back at me and let me know what you think.

Have a DIVAlicous Day,
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